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WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | Step-By-Step

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Welcome to this WordPress Tutorial for Beginners | Step-By-Step 2019!

Step #1: How to Install WordPress 0:46
Step #2: How to Log Into WordPress 7:02
Step #3: How to Navigate the WordPress Dashboard 8:16
Step #4: How to Add a New Theme 11:41
Step #5: How to Install Plugins 13:57
Step #6: How to Customize Your Website 17:00
Step #7: How to Add Pages 23:54
Step #8: How to Create a Blog Post 27:06
Step #9: Publish Your Website! 30:30


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  1. the best tutorial yet…. much better than the WordPress paid courses that I have taken so far

  2. Great job Dale!! Continue doing great work!

    I had no clue about creating a website. After a bitter experience buying the website elsewhere, I was clueless about how to get my website rolling. I am excited to build my own with this step-by-step guide to creating my own website and make-up for the loss. This video had everything to get started with my needs.

  3. Hi Dale this work is very well presented but I have aproblem re playing it and completing I don't know the course.

  4. Amazingly simple tutorial so great job !

  5. Thank you! This is awesome and Ive now made 2 beautiful websites with it!

  6. Very nice – I like your pace and ease of following your steps

  7. Outstanding, one of the most professional jobs I have seen on any subject.

  8. Hi, Can you do a devi theme tutorial video?

  9. Wow…Can't believe it.
    Thank you for awakening me 🙏🏿

  10. Very clear and informative, thank you.

  11. "And if you don't like me.." of course we like you and we use the coupon.

  12. Really impressive and helpful!

  13. Thank you so much for a brilliant and crystal clear instruction. It is very helpful.

  14. I selected your video PRIMARILY to learn how to change / customize Home Page content. The theme you chose and the one I chose both have garbage content for illustrative purposes. Mine includes a red toothbrush, which I want to go away. It contains pictures of people, which again, I want deleted. I saw no instruction on how to deal with this PART of using the product.

  15. How do you remove the contact section?

  16. Nice I would give it a thousand likes. thanks a lot for sharing

  17. Once I install a theme and customize it, how can I export the theme with all of my customizations and install it on a different WordPress site?

  18. How can I remove the blog box please

  19. the clock doesnt work.

  20. Please. How do I move the “Title Box”. How do I change the “Site title” font?

  21. wonderful
    and thank you very much

  22. Hi There thanks for tutorial I am just going through it but the host gatorsite keeps giving me a total cost of $164 vs the $29 not sure what I am doing wrong?

  23. why did u blurr out billing info now i dont know what to do at that point

  24. Wow yeah this theme is great! I just started using WordPress and it honestly felt like there was some magic set of keys that lets you customize your site, and everyone I sought help from just expected I already had them. After watching this video I feel like I have at least a few of the keys, thank you so much

  25. Thank you! You explain everything so well. I have had a hard time with this, and everything is clear now!

  26. 17:38 I click Customize and the customize screen looks exactly as boring as it was before. No customization options or anything, just the same Hello World page. Why would that be?

  27. Newbie here!! still studying and exploring wordpress.. Thanku..!!

  28. Thank you very good . Good night, continue to watch your video tomorrow

  29. https://youtu.be/B4MXA_yj8oI?t=1060 bro how that change occured in my case nothing changes that boring display continues
    please expain

  30. Do you mind, tell him what brand is your computer chair 🪑 is? And where did you buy it?
    I love your videos all all – thank you very much brother 🙏🙏🙏

  31. Awesome I really liked it.

  32. Well done tutorial. I was confused at first and your video helped a lot. There was a lot to take in and will probably have to go back and watch it all over but it was a good start.

  33. This is a really great vid. You got a sub from me brother!

  34. Thanks , love this tutorial.

  35. Very informative and professional tutorial. Do you cover WP contact form emailing (smtp / gmail/ AWS SES etc) in any of your videos?

  36. Thank you for your excellent teaching skill, waiting for more videos

  37. Thank you awesome video

  38. Thank you for your great tutorials, Dale! Can I host with gator and still indicate wordpress.org as my CMS during install? Where is this located? Been watching your tutorials all day!

  39. Beautiful video! You help me so much with my new page. Also, can you make a tutorial using sportspress pro? Pleaaaassseeee… I really need your help! I'm so confused about using theme boy soccer theme and sportspress plug in.

  40. Really great video. I could not stop laughing when you said with a smile " if you don't like me, and you don't wanna use it…then that's ok"

  41. I get this message:

    ' There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

    Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.' when I install plugins

  42. you have saved me.. I was so torn and confused I almost ended everything…. you,ve made WordPress easier and i am greateful!…. I hope deep within, you know how unique and lovable you are! cheers!

  43. Your tutorial is the best so far, but unfortunately, it is a bit outdated for the new version.. Is it possible to have a tutorial for the updated Hestia theme? That would be awesome. And thank you for the great job!

  44. I really liked your way of explaining the things great job bro, all the best.

  45. You are the best

  46. I HAVE ALREADY A DOMAIN…what do I need to put it here and pay this hosting….have my own hosting

  47. this tutorial has really helped me thanks a lot

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