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WordPress User Roles Explained | And Change Capabilites

See the difference between all roles and there capabilites. I’m also going to teach you how you can chance roles to fit your specific needs!
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0:32 All the roles
0:47 Administrator
1:57 Editor
3:09 Author
4:44 Contributor
5:51 Subscriber
6:26 WooCommerce roles
7:17 Change capabilites

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Hey guys, welcome to another WordPress tutorial. I’m the WPress Doctor, and today I will be showing you and demonstrating and explaining to you the different roles within WordPress. We’re gonna see what each role can do within your website, why you need them, and how you can actually change the capabilities of roles if you just want to give them a little bit of more capabilities within their certain role. So before we dive in, you need to know what are the six roles within WordPress. Starting with the lowest capabilities to the highest: we have the subscriber, the contributor, the author, the editor, the admin and the super admin. So in total you have 6 roles within WordPress. Let’s start with the most used one, which is the administrator. When you first install WordPress you will be the administrator of your website. I’m logged in as the administrator right now and as you can see I can do anything. I can create posts, I can delete them, I can change them, I can create media in the library, I can go to my forms, see all the entries, change all the settings create new forms, also with pages, comments, project appearance. I can change themes, I can add plugins,

delete them, change them. I can create new users, I can go to all tools, I can change all the settings of WordPress, I can change the security,. I can go to the Divi options. As a administrator you can do everything on your website. There is only one role higher than an administrator, which is a super admin, and you will only see that role when you have a WordPress multi-site installation. Most people don’t have that, so we’re not going to cover that right now but then you will be able to change, to add different websites to your multi site. Right now I am logged in as a editor as you can see over here. And the editor cannot change all the settings. So now you don’t see plugins, themes, forms. But what I can do is; I can go to posts, and I can edit posts that other people created. So I can edit them, I can duplicate them, I can trash them, I can do anything with posts and also with pages. You can change pages, make new pages, even if there is an other author. I can also go to comments, and moderate all the comments. I can also go to the media library, I can upload photos to the library I can delete them, I can remove them, that’s all the things I can do. Also with projects, I can create, delete. But what I cannot do is I cannot change any settings. I cannot add new users, I cannot change users, I cannot add plugins or themes or change the settings, I can’t even go to the Gravity Forms. That is the role of a editor. And this is a very useful role if you have some person who is going to help you as a administrator, to change your pages and upload new content, or change content from other people. So right now I’m logged in as a author. A author can also not change anything on the website. As the settings. The author can’t even create pages, because that one has fallen off right here as you can see. If I go to posts, I can also not edit posts created by someone else. So this is created by the administrator, I cannot edit them, but you can duplicate it and you can create your own new posts. And this is what it looks when I create my own post, you can see now there’s a checkbox so I can edit or delete it, and I can also edit this one and edit with Divi, so the author can only change his own posts and cannot change any pages or whatever. So the author can also publish posts to make them go live instantly….

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