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WordPress vs coding – why devs SHOULD learn WordPress

WordPress or coding web apps from scratch with HTML CSS and JavaScript? As software developers, why do we learn to code web apps with JavaScript when we can just use WordPress? We’ll compare WordPress with hand coding, see that WordPress and coding with HTML CSS and JavaScript aren’t much different, and why I recommend software developers to learn WordPress.


0:00 WordPress is a framework like ReactJS
0:41 Why devs should learn WordPress
1:59 WordPress features
6:48 WordPress can make complex web apps
8:18 How it works
9:27 But don’t get a WordPress job


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  1. Great video! 🙂

  2. Hey man I love your tutorials. Can you make WordPress tutorial

  3. Really helpful video thanks ❤❤

  4. why is not a great scope there for wordpress?

  5. Yah this is true wordpress is so powerful i actually use wordpress for our internal system integrations and it works well, this is also good for people that are working on small business or organization that only 1-2 people are involve to make a web app that the client need – in short wordpress is time saving – i remember some quote don't reinvent the wheel if already created use it and improve it. Thanks for this video sir.

  6. WordPress comes with baggage and also PHP fees and also theme fees. I personally find it hard to use.

  7. Thanks for the light! Just wish to know if while building a website with WordPress you can decide to code some part of the project rather than completing it all with WordPress

  8. Could you please create a comprehensive WordPress tutorial for beginners? Thanks in advance.

  9. Nice video. It’s a no brainier if your doing an E-commerce website with variations and attributes.

  10. I enjoyed the video, but most of the things you are showing as wordpress features are regular CMS features. While I definitely agree it would take forever to build them from scratch to each website, I don't see it as exactly comparable to a frontend framework, react for example is made to build interfaces, and a cms – as it stands in the name – is to manage content. So it's pretty common to actually connect a cms (which will offer similar features as the mentioned) with a react built website – jamstack and so would be a common way to take it further

  11. What you recommend wordpress or html CSS and JavaScript ?? I'm struck this place I can't choose what I do please help me 😄😄😄😄🤣🤣🤣

  12. Hi brother I'm doing digital marketing and willing to start agency, is it enough to know wordpress to creating websites and maintenance for clients, because some people says wordpress are not safe due to plugins, is it true could you tell me

  13. Great video! However, I would definitely note that the market for enterprise WordPress apps is growing. Like you said, WordPress is so flexible and comes with so much functionality out of the box that it's a really compelling option when you compare it to other enterprise options like Sitecore, Adobe etc. that carry multi-million dollar price tags just for the licenses. When your whole marketing team has used WordPress before and you don't need to train anyone it becomes a very attractive option for a lot of companies. I work at WordPress VIP where we support enormous WordPress apps that are built by our network of partner agencies. If anyone wants a WordPress job come check us out! We're growing!

  14. Great content!

  15. I wish more people saw this, people need to understand this. I can code in React / NodeJS, C#, PHP, JS, etc but feel like doing wordpress websites gives people a bad rep because the general public does not understand the real wordpress developers (actual experienced workers) use it to save time on coding every single thing. (Things that have been done before, and when those solutions are not perfect,. we can improve on them due to GPL licensing.)

    And when I build / write addons for other plugins, I look into the base plugin and what CVEs (Exploits) are available.

  16. Thanks Simon! This was a very concise but enlightening insight to WordPress.

  17. can u make one of those animated and 3d websites with word press zo

  18. so the real question is, why is there no job market for complex wordpress apps? Why do companies choose other frameworks or technologies over wordpress? There must be a reason right?

  19. can we use WordPress for multiple vendors e-commerce?

  20. Thanks bro ❤️. I was very confused about it.

  21. I learned WordPress about 2-3 years ago, then I felt like I really needed to learn "real" coding, so I spent the last year on HTML and all the complex layout techniques in CSS/Sass, and also got to around intermediate level with JavaScript. Coding is great, but I can tell the time and energy commitment is so much more than WordPress that hand-coding may not be the right choice for all projects. WordPress is definitely worth keeping it in your pocket.

  22. What about using both simultaneously? WordPress is amazing, but it is often too slow if too many plugins are added one goes for the wrong theme.

  23. Nice explanation! I'm not interested in working in this field, but I would like to understand WordPress and be able to make coding changes to WordPress sites. What do I have to learn for this? PHP?

  24. Surprisingly, despite WordPress being as old as it is, the platform has been growing in market share

  25. WordPress is for cowboy coders and web devs. WP is bloatware and slow loading.

  26. Thank you so much…..🤩

  27. Thank you sooooo much..
    You are awesome …
    Now I feel more confident in learning wordpress because I want to make a great website to show my project and not to work in programming.
    Thanks again

  28. Your absolutely correct! WordPress really saves a lot of time providing us all this feature rich functions. Developing this from ground up would eat a lot of development time.

  29. Good luck creating a website for banking purposes lmao.

  30. Great! 👍

  31. Excellent video! You can do a lot with WordPress.

  32. Subscribed! Do you recommend using WordPress to make a website for myself (to use like a link tree) for my LinkedIn, resume…etc or should I just make one from scratch. Also would you put your links for your side hustles links considering potential employers all see it? (I.e. my Turo link with over 20 cars…T shirt business making 70-75 a year..etc)

  33. My first Tech job is with a WordPress company. I love it. 🙂 I would argue if you find a company making custom themes or with a line of plugins it would be a great place to work. And you would be learning things other developers would neglect.

  34. My software programmer friends all say wordpress is really stressful and annoying to deal with. They even turned down a stable job from a rich guy for $250 an hour just because he used wordpress

  35. I can not sit but write a comment… Really amazing video. And I'm also a lover of wordpress

  36. Great Explanation! If you could just add an info about what users can stock on or what issues developers can face when they are using a WordPress – then it would be even better. Thanks

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