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y2cl Radio Episode 6: WebComics, Phobias and Ryan Hudson (from ChannelATE) in 2009

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This is a bit of a long show, so bear with us, there’s some great conversations in this.

On the show –
Ryan Hudson
Vee Hudson

Things talked about in the show –
Law & Order
Hannah Montana
Disney Channel
John & Kate plus 8
John’s venture as the artist on LICD
Read the LICD parodies here –
First LICD I did here –
Is it funny today –
The Game Plan (I love this movie…)
Ryan’s deleted scene (skip to 1:30) –
Chris Hansen comics Ryan talks about start here –
Crazy Asian comic series mentioned starts here –
Inanimate Twilight parody and the sequel is here –

Top 5 webcomics –

John –
Minos the Minotaur
The Luminaries (wasn’t really on the list)
Anything At All
Luke Surl
Least I Could Do (which I don’t really care for this one anymore)

Ryan –
Pictures for sad children
Girls with Slingshots
Perry Bible Fellowship
Basic Instructions (not a fav, too many words)
Amazing Super Powers
The Sex Talk comic we read on air

Kaylie and Kamren –
You’re mom

Vee –
Amazing Super Powers
Cowbirds in love
Natalie Dee

We talked about Phobias –

Kaylie’s Phobias –
Other people driving
her own blood

John’s Phobias –
flying insects

Ryan’s Phobias –
tight spaces (really just being restrained)
Blankets with faces on them

Vee’s Phobies –
paper cuts to the eye
falling on cement stairs and chipping a tooth
A q-tip going to far in your ear

Kamren’s Phobies –
Meeting parents
Right turns in planes

Music on the show –
Bake Sale by Ryan Hudson
Greg is a garden gnome by Ryan Hudson

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